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Meryll Atienza

Meryll Atienza: A New Generation Filipina-Canadian and Aspiring Reyna Elena of the Pinoy Festival Grand  Santacruzan 2024" 

 - Meet Meryll Atienza, a Filipina-Canadian healthcare worker during the pandemic, one of today's modern-day heroes. She dedicates herself to serving the community with care and compassion at a pharmacy. In addition to her noble profession, she's also vying to be the 2024 Santacruzan Reyna Elena.

Meryll proudly joins the second-year celebration of the much-anticipated Burnaby Pinoy Festival: "Panahon Na Para Magsaya" in Burnaby, British Columbia, set for June 22, 2024, at Swangard Stadium.  

At 25, her life is a beautiful blend of diverse interests and talents. She has a deep love for children and find great joy and fulfillment in connecting with them - their purity and genuine curiosity inspire her endlessly. Outside of her professional life, she's an avid foodie, always on a quest to explore new dishes and cuisines. Her adventurous palate is a testament to her love for exploration, not just in the realm of food, but in the experiences that life has to offer. Music is her constant companion, and she's blessed with the gift of voice, using singing to express herself deeply and connect with others.   

For Meryll, the Pinoy Festival is a celebration of Filipino culture, talents, and the spirit of unity. She joined the contest for this year's Santacruzan 2024 Reyna Elena. Participating in the Grand Santacruzan isn't just about external beauty  is an opportunity for her to showcase her Filipino heritage and the values she holds dear. She needs your vote, to represent the grace of our culture. Every vote counts, so let's unite and make this year's Santacruzan unforgettable!

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