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Jessamine Salas

Jessamine is a versatile storyteller, having a multifaceted career as an actress, model, and recently, an emerging P-Pop artist. With a lifelong passion for the arts, she has cultivated a diverse range of talents and experiences.

With over five years of modeling under her belt, Jessamine has graced the catwalks of local Canadian and Filipino fashion shows, and has been featured on prominent platforms such as the New York Times Square billboard and Selin Magazine.

Since 2019, Jessamine has been dedicated to push for Filipino representation in Hollywood. Motivated by this mission, she has diligently honed her craft through music videos, independent shorts, and eventually, landing on television commercials for renowned brands such as Dempster's Bread, Translink, and Canadian Tire, to name a few. Notably, her work has earned her nominations at prestigious film festivals in BC, including a Bronze award for her Canadian Tire commercial, which resonated with Filipino households nationwide. With her love for action movies, Jessamine aspires to portray dynamic roles (ie. secret agent, superhero, vigilante) on screen.

In addition to her accomplishments in modeling and acting, Jessamine dabbled in pageantry during the strike, eventually achieving the title of 1st Runner-Up in Miss Asia Canada of BC in 2023. Drawing inspiration from this experience, she debuted her first written short, "The 3 Bs," which advanced to the Finals at local and American film festivals.

Rekindling her passion for music after her first solo concert experience with SB19, Jessamine embarked on a new journey as an aspiring P-Pop artist. Proficient in singing and self-taught in piano and guitar, she showcases her musical talent through performing at school talent shows, making cover songs, and appearing at Filipino-Canadian festivals.

Currently, Jessamine is vying for the main title at StarMakers International, actively seeking sponsorship to support her pursuit. As she strives to make her mark on the global stage, she remains committed to elevating the presence of Filipinos in the entertainment industry through the power of storytelling. Let us rally behind Jessamine as she competes for the coveted title of StarMakers International Winner, symbolizing the resilience and talent of the Filipino community in Hollywood and beyond!.

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